Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I know first hand that having toys everywhere is just something that comes with having kids. Finding the best way to store them is the challenge. It's always great when the storage solutions look good themselves. I've compiled my favourite toy storage solutions and decided to share them with you :)

It's always nice when toys can be displayed and not look too messy. It's also great when you can use something for another purpose - like these wall planters, repurposed as toy storage, hung at a height that the kids can reach them themselves.

I love this combination of plenty of seating and toy storage tubs. There are even tubs under the table; great space saving ideas and not to mention.. oh so pretty. Also a great idea to have pictures of what is in each bin so that they know where their toys are and where to put them when they clean up - no excuses ;)

This toy storage solution is not only practical but it looks great too. This toy storage ottoman makes a great resting place for your feet or an extra seat in your kids bedrooms and play rooms. It comes is lots of different styles to suit your decor.

I love the simplicity of these wire bins. They really do remind me of gym class, but now with a touch of class. They are a great size for lots of toys and kids sporting equipment.

End of bed storage bench that's stylish and fits heaps? Yes please!
Great for not only toys but extra blankets.

I always love when you can personalise stuff, makes it more fun and easier to keep organised when it's labelled. Lots of different sizes and styles to choose from.

Fun beautiful bird cage-turned-toy storage.

This lego storage idea is great for when you really want your lego to all be one colour, without having to sort through all your pieces! I love the ease of the tubs sliding into place and of course the labelling :)

Such beautiful organisation, makes me never want to let anyone mess it up. Great idea to have transparent storage tubs as you can just see everything that's in it.

Swoop bags are a fantastic invention. Being able to play on the bag itself and then just pull the draw-strings to tidy up!
I have recently made my own version of this and love it :)
DIY how to coming soon!

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