Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Wreath

How to make your own ribbon wreath

You will need one of these styrofoam rings. They are flat at the back and rounded at the front. You can buy them at Lincraft & Spotlight. You will also need ribbon, depending on how thick the ribbon is that you are using you should only need about 4 rolls for the small wreath.

Start by cutting each ribbon into 22cm sections (these need to be longer for a bigger wreath) and tie them in a double knot at the front. I chose to alternate between two different types of ribbon for this silver one.
This is the completed front and back.

This is another wreath I made (a bigger one) using different red ribbons.

The small wreath fits nicely on my pin board above my desk. I am also making another small one for my daughters bedroom door :)
This shows you the size difference between the two wreaths. You can also hang the smaller one on the inside for something colourful and festive.

 Here is the finished product of the bigger wreath.

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