Friday, 8 November 2013

For all your crafting needs...
I am definitely someone who likes to have a nice organised space to inspire me. I decided the area needed to be brightened up so white was the obvious choice. As summer is rolling in, I felt like some bright colours would make the season come quicker!

I got the desk from IKEA. I opted for the trestle table legs that you can raise and tilt as I am using the desk as an everything desk (crafting, sewing, blogging, etc) and wanted it to be super versatile. 
The chair I got from Matt Blatt. I love the colour of the chair, it really does brighten up the space a lot and it is super comfortable too! I added a cushion for back support (as I know I will be spending a lot of time in that chair) but it doubles amazingly as some nice decoration. Eco friend cushion from audrey&me - love the buttons on the cushion!

I got this magnetic board from IKEA; after tossing up between one from Kikki K and this one, I went for this one right away - they are identical in material, except this one is bigger and cheaper! ($19.99)

A great way to store my crafting Washi tape! I got a metal ring (with an opening) from Spotlight and slid them all on. Easy access and they look good displayed on my board.

I found this fantastic mat at Akita Home Fashion by Modern Twist . It's actually a place mat but I am using it as a mat for craft and writing on, it really brings some much needed pattern into the space as well as being an incredible desk surface! The vision/pin board is from Kikki K ($59.95). After trying to decide whether or not I was going to make my own pin board, I decided that I really wanted a light weight framed board and this once was just that.

It's important to keep the things you use regularly out and easily visible. Jug and pencil holder (actual candle holder) both from Freedom.  

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