Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I love these candy jars, I use them for so many things around the house (dummy holder, cotton balls, etc.) They make a great gift for someone or even just pretty candy holders for entertaining.
My daughter's first birthday is coming up and I decided to make these for her birthday party. 
You can really do this with any glass or ceramic kitchenware. There are two different ways of etching that I have tried and this is one where you really do all of your own etching with a tool.

This is the tool I used. You can buy it at Riot ($15) and it comes with a spare tip.
I really like this method as you are able to do a lot with it, but you do need quite the steady hand if you plan on free-drawing with it!
Since I am not that great at doing anything free handed, I always like to use stencils. I chose some different fonts and printed them out.

Stick the letter inside the cup and start tracing it with your etching tool. It's quite difficult to stay right on the letter when both eyes are open (I know that sounds strange) so you might need to pick an eye and use it to trance with. Just keep wiping the dust off so you can see what you are doing.

Once you have most of the letter done, you can start cleaning it up by filling in gaps.

Done - Great keepsake :)

Makes a great present!

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