Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I can never find the remote controls to our TV and sound system, so decided to make a holder for them so I always know where they are and are easy to reach.
I made this a lot like my sewing machine cover

Use this quilting wadding as a base. Choose what fabric you want to cover it and measure how long and wide you want it to be. Mine is 38cm by 80cm and tucks in between the couch cushion and arm rest so it stays in place.

Once you have it measured out and fabric chosen, fold the fabric over the edges and sew each edge onto the quilting. 
If it's a bit messy (like mine), it doesn't matter as you can cover the backing at the end if you wish.

Next step is to choose what fabric you want the pocket to be, measure how high you would like the pocket to go and allow an extra 5cm to sew over the wadding. Hm one side of it which will be at the top where the remotes will slide in. Then sew around the edges like the photo above.

Last step is to measure the distance between the pockets, how many pockets, etc. Then just stitch a line down the pocket fabric for the remotes to sit separately.


  1. This is great! My man is a bit of a gamer so there are remote and controls EVERYWHERE. I'm definitely going to use this to straighten up the clutter!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this idea and instructions. My husband and I both are disabled and we both have our own remotes even though we are only a few feet from each other. We have remotes from TV Manfacturer, two provided by our TV service, gas logs, plus land line phones and cell phones. The table we share between our chairs is a mass of "gadgets". I am a tidy person and it is driving me nuts with all the clutter. I already had the supplies in my "stash" and will start immediately making one of these for each one of us. I look forward to my new organizer. Thanks again! Nancy A.

  3. I am making this for my Mum who is in a rest home - thanks for the easy to follow instructions :)