Sunday, 8 December 2013


I love personalising things, from etching glass to stencilling fabric. This is how you can make your own stencils, from any picture, numbers and letters.

1) Find a font you like and the right size you need (this might take a few print tests for size)
2) Print and the laminate (if you don't have a laminator, thick card should work but you have to be careful it doesn't get too wet and tear, you also can't really re-use them)
3) With sharp craft knife, slowly cut out the letters using a cutting mat
4) Place the stencil on whatever it is you are wanting to stencil (make sure you keep all the inside parts to letters - e.g. A in this case)
5) Tape the stencil down and tape the back of any loose parts as well as any parts which seem to be raised. 
6) Using a sponge slowly dab the letter areas, do not press to hard as the paint will run. I used fabric paint for this example.

Make sure you put some cardboard behind the fabric you are stencilling, as you can see a lot went through.

 7) Slowly peel away the stencil. I usually peel it off while it is still went incase I need to do any touch up and to make sure it doesn't stick in an area after it dries. Be careful when taking off the inside parts of the letters when wet! 

Quick cleaning and time saving tip: I usually line my bowls or wrap plates with tin foil so I don't need to wash off any paint. I just pull it off and throw it away :)

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