Monday, 9 December 2013


I needed something to put our small tree in this year and saw our red wagon that is usually full of gardening tools for our daughter. I thought it would make a great Christmas decoration addition.
I decided to personalised it by spray painting her name on the side of the wagon to make it look a little more used.

This is the classic red steel wagon. You can get one here.

I already had my own stencil of her name for another project and reused it. To see how to make your own stencils click here.

On the other side I wanted to add our house number. 

Make sure you spray carefully. If you do get some spray paint on other parts of the wagon or just want to touch up little bits, mineral turps works amazingly. For smaller parts, just wet a cotton bud with it and fix the area.

I also loaded a few presents into the cart afterwards :)

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