Sunday, 12 January 2014


A little while ago I posted DIY Leather Handles that I made for our bedside tables. The bedside tables are from the MALM collection at IKEA. I decided that I wanted to do more to them but wasn't quite sure what, after going back and forth about maybe painting them or not, I landed on not as I them to still match our dresser and the style of the room. Brass corners was what I did land on as a final decision.

IKEA MALM Bedside Table

I went down to Bunnings and got four packs of metal corner braces (this was the only colour available to me) for $2.50 each.

I then needed to spray them gold. I wanted to use the screws that came with the corner braces as they fit perfectly - also when you buy gold screws they still aren't quite the same colour as the gold spray paint. I poked the end of each screw into a cardboard box lid so they would stand perfectly to spray and dry properly.

Make sure you spray the corners the right side up as well, as there is a difference between the front and back and the ability of the screw to sit flush or not.

I then attached each corner to the front of each drawer. Make sure you take the drawer out of the unit and attach the corners with the drawer standing up.

Here is the after with the brass corners on - after looking at it for a while I wasn't sure I liked how busy the drawer front looked, so I decided to reverse the leather handles to the darker brown side so there wouldn't be such a big contrast between the brass corners and the handle colour.

Leather handles flipped.

What other things have you added brass corners to?

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