Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I always like coming up with something to do with our scrap wood, this isn't really so much scrap as it is nice left over pine wood we used for other projects.

I started by drawing an outline of the size I wanted by using another cutting board we already had.

You will need a jig-saw to cut the wood.

Drill a hole at the top at the handle.

Time for sanding.. make sure you sand down all the edges well so you don't get splinters of wood in your food!

Roll up sand paper to sand the handle hole.

Now you have a nice raw chopping board to work with. I decided to put a light stain on mine, but be careful you don't put anything on it that doesn't absorb completely.

I wanted to try a two-tone board so I taped a section and stained one part.

After it was dry, I sanded it down until I got the results I wanted.

I then finished it off by looping a strip of leather through and tying a knot.
I cut off a piece from an old belt I never used.
You can also colour-block with paints for a more modern look.

My new fantastic long bread board.

To keep the wood in good condition, make sure to use mineral oil every once and a while on it.

What other things have you made with your scrap wood?

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