Thursday, 23 January 2014


I've been wanting to make a dog bed for a while as one of my dogs always decides to rip the fluff out of the centre as well as the dog beds out there not exactly being the most stylish for our living rooms.
My list for making one myself was as follows; it needed to be big enough for both of them to lay on, needed to be made out of outdoor fabric, needed to have a zip attached for easy removal and washing.
As I was out looking for the right fabric for the bed, I just couldn't find one that I was happy with, as well as all outdoor fabrics being quite pricey compared to normal cotton fabric.
While strolling through Freedom I spotted an outdoor cushion on sale ($35). It was perfect for what I was looking for, waterproof strong fabric, big cushion, nice colour and design, zip and most importantly.. already made!
I still wanted to personalise it a little bit so I decided to put their names on the edge of the cushion.

I used stencils and traced out the letters with a pencil first.

I then used black fabric paint and a thin paint brush to fill in the penciled stencils, waited for it to dry and put the cushion back in ready to use.

My daughter loves it too :) This solution was cheap and now very easy to wash their bed on a weekly basis.

What other things have you repurposed for your pets?

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