Thursday, 23 January 2014


I really love lighting, all types.. especially table lamps because they can be so versatile by just a change of a lamp shade and it's a whole new lamp, new look for the space. After having the same bedside table lamps for the past 5 years, the lamp shades were starting to yellow on the inside and shine through, as well as also wanting a change for them. 

Bedside Table Lamp Before

For a while I was going to get simple plain ones and cover them with my own fun fabric, but with a colourful floral bedspread I felt it made the small space to busy. I had been searching few a few months for just the right shades; did I want plain ones? Textured ones? I really couldn't decide - I then opted for beige hessian ones (that match our bed frame in colour) and went out to get them.

This is the one I went out to get from Freedom.

Once I got to the store however, I came across another lamp shade that I just had to have (yes I fell for a lamp shade). I really couldn't justify spending more than $40 per lamp shade (which was how much the ones I went there for were). But I just couldn't help it, I decided to hold one of each type in my hands and stroll through the store. I just kept looking at how beautiful and perfect one was and 'meh' to the other. I knew at this point that even if I had talked myself into the ones I had gone there for originally, I wouldn't have been happy with them after knowing what other beauty was out there and then just want to change them soon again.
For this reason I decided to go with my heart and buy the $80 lamp shades....


I have already enjoyed walking into our bedroom and noticing my shell lampshades and the difference they make to the room. Just a simple update can make a big difference. What's something small that you've changed that's made a huge difference in a room?


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