Thursday, 6 February 2014


My closet is never really finished and as you can see it has under-gone another makeover. I decided that the wood backing to the closet wasn't very pretty and needed to be covered. I had to be sensible with my options as I couldn't take the shelves out (they were built into the closet). I also didn't want anything permanent incase I change my mind down the track and want a change.

This was the closet before and empty.

 I ordered a wall decal from Spoonflower. 
I measured how much I would need length wise, cut it and after prep (cleaning the walls) I started to attached it slowly. 
Once at the bottom I got a sharp crafting knife and cut it off carefully 

Both sides stuck on.

I'm really happy with the results. The only thing that frustrated me was that the length of the decal fit the space if the arrows were pointing up or down, which I didn't want, so I had to cut an extra piece off and stick it on the end. 

Where else do you put wall decals that's different?

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