Saturday, 24 May 2014

My sister in law is going on a big European holiday. I thought it would be nice to make her something to get her even more excited about her adventure. All you need to do to make one for yourself or someone else is to find a map of the location and order it to be printed on canvas (any size you choose - although obviously with small details, the bigger the better).

Then get two pieces of foam board to place at the back of the canvas.

Just glue or tape the foam boards to the back of the canvas. I used spray glue.

I then created fun little pin heads for the push pins because she is a big Dr Who fan and I thought it would be fun. I also gave her red yarn to use to connect each location and create a travel route.

If you do not wish to use or print on canvas, many places will print straight on foam board for you, however the push pins won't go all the way through because it is not very thick.

You can get photos printed on canvas at many online printing websites (for example or at most stores that offer photo printing.

Get excited about your next family trip by making your own travel map!