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Even though it's been over a year now since this lovely baby shower was thrown for me, I decided to just share a few photos of what I thought were some fabulous ideas.

Baby bottle Mason jar party favours with a chocolate truffle mix inside.
My friend also made a calendar where everyone was to guess and write down the gender and date of when they thought the baby would be born.

What a great way to celebrate a baby coming with a yummy baby fruit display.

The whole party, invitations and favours had an 'Oh Baby' theme. My friend also made the tissue garland with lettering. I loved the colours used as we needed it to be gender neutral.

The Baby Room
Colour Scheme: Soft Pink & Grey
Hanging space for kids can be tricky. If you have a built in closet it seems a shame to just just use the rail and have nothing underneath it. I am always looking for new ways to add more storage space into all of our rooms around the house. I started by linning the back of the closet with pink and white pin stripe wrapping paper; as I wanted a nice background to the closet itself. I then found this six-cube book shelf at Officeworks for $79.

As you can see it fits perfectly in the space I had. I then got pink canvas storage cubes from Target and filled them with toys, extra blankets and all of my daughters hats. I even love to have some space to put her shoes, and as she has just started walking I am sure I will have to get more and then move them to their own shelf.

At the end it seemed such a shame to close the closet door on such a nicely organised closet, so it now stays open (easy to do with sliding doors) and it is easier to access everything stored in there.

Every new parent knows that they are going to be spending a lot of time changing nappies, I wanted an area that was big enough for a change pad and storage baskets with all the necessities at hand, as well as being high enough so my hubby and I (both super tall) wouldn't need to bend over at all. After doing lots of research I really wasn't satisfied with what was out there in terms of changing stations. I knew I wanted drawers, but all the ones with drawers were so expensive! 

I then decided to go and visit Disneyland (this is what I jokingly call IKEA as it is to me, what Disneyland is to children) and I found the perfect chest of drawers; HEMNES for $249. You can also get the exact same style but with white stain instead of a glossy finish, I went for the glossy white. I checked the height and width and sure enough it was like it was made to be a changing station. 
Next step was to get a simple change mat and cover to put on top. I made sure that I got some non-slip grip stuff (which you can just buy at most dollar stores) and cut it the same length and width as the change pad and just placed it underneath. This really made a difference in keeping it in place perfectly.  

Finally in terms of style, I wanted to personalise it a little and what better way then to add some counting practice cues for our daughter. I went to Bunnings and got simple black house numbers, made sure they were centred and just screwed them straight into the drawer face. Perfect for a kid's room :) 

I found these baskets as a set at Babyography and haven't been able to find the exact ones again. For similar ones check here at Lime Tree Kids

It's a good idea to have extra supplies close by if you run our while your changing your bub. I found these SKUBB storage dividers from IKEA a great way to keep the top drawer of the change station organised, not to mention everything seems to fit perfectly :)  

You can never have quite enough toy storage in your kid's room and around the house. This storage ottoman from audrey and me ($138) was the perfect solution! It is amazing how much fits in there and it is that it doubles as a foot rest for when I am nursing my daughter in my chair (Strandmon Wing Chair $399 from IKEA). I even got a matching cushion from audrey and me, which is eco friendly! Love it! The best thing about these storage ottomans is that you can choose from so many different fabrics to have your ottoman covered in. 
There are different collections which help inspire and bring out the interior designer in you. I also have another small storage ottoman like this one (in a different fabric) in the living room which stores throws and doubles as a side table with a small tray on it. I am also getting a large one for the foot of our bed to store things in and use as a bench.

I needed somewhere to keep all the dummies I kept finding laying around the house. My 3 top criteria were:
1. They needed to stay clean
2. They needed to be easily accessible from my nursing chair
3. They needed to be displayed nicely :) 
I felt that this glass jar met those criteria perfectly. I bought the jar on sale from Adairs but found similar ones here from Sweet Style. 
The little Zuny Rhino paper weight from Myer suit my colour scheme perfectly and adds a little fun to my side table. 

It's always nice to try and display as much of your children's things as possible, and what better things to display than books? I used these Ribba picture ledges from IKEA for $7.99 (55cm), or $14.99 (115cm). 

Yet another great way to display some of your children's things. I found this great bird cage online and spray painted it pink to fit in with the colour scheme, I then filled it with some toys and it sits on the floor as practical decoration. I love the easy latch at the front and the top that lifts open for easy access to the toys.  

Having somewhere to put all the dirty clothes that pile up quickly is a necessity. I found this great storage bin at IKEA (Knodd 16L, $24.99). I decided to line the bin with a bag to make taking the dirty clothes out much easier, it also became an instant design feature with a fabric that is also on a pillow in the room. Below is how to make your own liner for this exact bin. :) 

I love these boxes from IKEA. They come in some great colours to suit almost any room.

For these free labels, go to the printables page :) 

For printable baby month transfers and 'How To', check out the Printables page.

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