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Coffee table I made myself :) DIY coffee table 'how to' to come...


My temporary desk space...
as we get an extension put on the back of the house
I am definitely someone who likes to have a nice organised space to inspire me. I decided the area needed to be brightened up so white was the obvious choice. As summer is rolling in, I felt like some bright colours would make the season come quicker!

I got the desk from IKEA. I opted for the trestle table legs that you can raise and tilt as I am using the desk as an everything desk (crafting, sewing, blogging, etc) and wanted it to be super versatile. 
The chair I got from Matt Blatt. I love the colour of the chair, it really does brighten up the space a lot and it is super comfortable too! I added a cushion for back support (as I know I will be spending a lot of time in that chair) but it doubles amazingly as some nice decoration. Eco friend cushion from audrey&me - love the buttons on the cushion!

I got this magnetic board from IKEA; after tossing up between one from Kikki K and this one, I went for this one right away - they are identical in material, except this one is bigger and cheaper! ($19.99)

A great way to store my crafting Washi tape! I got a metal ring (with an opening) from Spotlight and slid them all on. Easy access and they look good displayed on my board.

I found this fantastic mat at Akita Home Fashion by Modern Twist . It's actually a place mat but I am using it as a mat for craft and writing on, it really brings some much needed pattern into the space as well as being an incredible desk surface! The vision/pin board is from Kikki K ($59.95). After trying to decide whether or not I was going to make my own pin board, I decided that I really wanted a light weight framed board and this once was just that.

It's important to keep the things you use regularly out and easily visible. Jug and pencil holder (actual candle holder) both from Freedom.  

From awkward desk area to relaxing sitting area.

Room: Kitchen
Timeline: Two Months
Budget: $5,000

This is the kitchen when we bought the house. Was very dark and closed off to the rest of the house, we liked the idea of open-plan living and bringing some more light into the space, not to mention more counter space please! 

So off we went taking down the wall that separated the kitchen from the main living space. We first had to check to see if the wall was a supporting wall or not, which it was so we needed to replace it with a beam (this was quite costly but we had budgeted for this from the beginning). 

The bare-bones exposed, exciting!

Proud handy-man hubby with the wall gone and the beam in place! 
We got a nice piece of timber from Bunnings and decided that since it was so nice, it was a shame to cover up so we left it exposed, which I think really added to the character of the kitchen itself.  

With the wall now gone it was time to replace some of the missing cabinetry. We got Flat-Pack base cabinets from Bunnings and built them ourselves. These really were great money saving options as the cabinets that were already there were still in such great condition, all we needed were two more to fill the space.
We were now in need of a new counter top. I really wanted a granite counter top and thought that the kitchen needed a light colour counter to brighten it up. We sourced the stone from a granite warehouse and went in to pick out a piece that was discontinued (therefore cheaper!) and settled on white Essa Stone. 

As you can see once the Essa Stone counter top went in, it was not as thick as what was there previously (laminate wood). We were forced to make a decision, whether to take all the tiles off the backsplash and replace them with ones that fit all the way (the ones there were still in good condition and white like I wanted) or do we find something to fill the gap (this option of course being the cheaper option). We went with the filling-the-gap option after I found little accent tiles that matched the natural stone detail on the middle of the backsplash and they fit perfectly!

We then re-grouted all the tiles on the backsplash and voila, we had nice new clean backsplash tiles that fit!

After looking everywhere for new cabinet doors to update the out-dated yellow doors, we couldn't find any that fit on the existing cabinets (which were still in excellent condition). I decided that re-finishing them in a nice stark white matte would be the best and most cost-effective option. This however was not easy and took a lot of patience! First we had to take off all the doors and clean them thoroughly. Then I primed them with a special laminate primer. This part really needs to be done inside as any bit of dust or dirt that gets close to the doors will stick and become a messy affair to remove. After I let each door dry I then took each outside (again would be better inside but didn't want the fumes and excess spray everywhere, so an empty garage would be best) and sprayed them with white spray paint. Any spray paint will work once you have primed the doors properly. The trick was to have a continuous spray and even coverage. After all of that, the doors were laid to dry. 

I really felt that our kitchen needed some sparkle and it might just be me, but a new shiny tap seemed like the place to start. After doing some research online I found this beauty on Ebay for $80. I loved the high arch and the handle plus the nozzle pulled out and retracted easily so I could rinse with style and ease :) We decided to keep the existing sink and buff it up a bit later and it was definitely a great cost saving decision. I also decided that the blind needed some colour so I sewed some yellow pattern fabric onto the blind itself and had a great new fabulous blind!

After all our hard work this is the finished product. We also decided to update all the drawer and cabinet handles for a more sleek and modern look, which also matched all our stainless steel appliances (also bought at Bunnings).

This is the view from the living area into the kitchen. We really wanted to maximise the counter top space and we were left with an amazing cooking prep and breakfast area. The bar stools are from IKEA which we already own prior to this house, however we updated them with gorgeous covers from Bemz a company based in Sweden dedicated to recovering all your IKEA furniture. 

I am so excited about the final product and have enjoyed cooking so much more in our new kitchen :) 

Cost Breakdown
Essa Stone Counter top: $3,400
New Rangehood: $200
Kitchen Jewellery (cabinet handles and tap): $250
Structural Beams: $200
Cabinet Paint and Supplies: $300
New Base Boards and Cabinet Backing: $350 
All other Bits and Supplies: $200

Total: $4,900
Under Budget! 

Room: Office
Timeline: Three Weeks
Budget: $1,000

This is a photo of the room which has technically already started its renovation. The people before us painted the walls in a deep purple 'suede' effect. This was the first thing to go, we had to sand down all the walls to get rid of the effect.

Lots of sanding and purple dust flying everywhere.

Base coat now on as it was such a dark colour that we had to pain over.

Chair-rail being measured and stud being found.

For a while this room was our main living area and has gone through quite a lot of changes. I included this picture to be able to show the chair rail finished. We opted for a two-toned wall, with the chair rail splitting it. I love the end result :)
This is the final result of the room as an office after its identity crisis.

Cost Breakdown
Sanders and supplies: $200
Paint: $300
Chair Rails: $250

Total: $750
Under Budget!


Space is always tight when it comes to most people's laundry rooms. If you have a front loading washing machine and dryer, turning them into table-top folding space is a great idea. I measured up and went to my local Bunnings to pick out a nice piece of wood; they cut it to size for you in store for a really small fee, even for free if only one cut is needed. I then picked out a stain and stained it. Once the stain was dry I made sure the washing machine and dryer were level and placed the wood on top. I now have a fabulous folding station. After the clothes are folded I out them into their dedicated baskets which then go to either my daughter's room or mine.

I needed a place to hang a few things indoors and when I saw this Drying Rack at IKEA ($29.99) I knew it was the perfect fit. I love the way it has three different levels which work perfectly for me. When it is at the highest level, it's great to hang shirts on there on hangers.

I wanted a place to keep the necessities. I got the rail from IKEA (Fintorp Rail 57cm, $6.99). It's usually for the kitchen but I found it really useful to keep things off the folding area. My peg holder is also from IKEA (Fintorp Cutlery Stand $7.99). The label can be found on my Printables page :)

I love my laundry room rug, perfect size, perfect material, pattern and colour :)


  1. I LOVE what you have done with your home! I will be using this for inspiration :)

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