Even though it's been over a year now since this lovely baby shower was thrown for me, I decided to just share a few photos of what I thought were some fabulous ideas.

Baby bottle Mason jar party favours with a chocolate truffle mix inside.
My friend also made a calendar where everyone was to guess and write down the gender and date of when they thought the baby would be born.

What a great way to celebrate a baby coming with a yummy baby fruit display.

The whole party, invitations and favours had an 'Oh Baby' theme. My friend also made the tissue garland with lettering. I loved the colours used as we needed it to be gender neutral.


It's been a busy weekend preparing for my daughter's first birthday party. 
It's always difficult to prepare a party that is not held at your own home, but I think it went really well. We had it at her grandparent's place in the lovely outdoor sunshine. 
Here are photos of the garden-themed set-up.

Add little chalk signs to your beverages.

Add cut lemons and apples to the juice on ice for a fresh look.

Add some fun art work that fits in with the theme.

Arrange fresh flowers in a big Mason Jar.

Customise the chalk mugs for the occasion.

Add twine to the handle and a chalk sticker to a simple jug so it fits your theme.

Personalise candy jars by etching initials on them
{how to etch here}

The Birthday girl throughout her first year, scrapbooked and displayed.
{free month transfer printables here}

I had to add a photo of the cake that my husband made for our daughter, yes he made it!

And of course the beautiful birthday girl....

Wedding Photos
Location: Denia, Spain
Date: July 9 2011
Photographer: Megan Spelman
All photos are courtesy of Bikini Birdie

Bridesmaid Shoes

Groom Shoes

 Dress by Sottero & Midgley (Starla)
I got the dress at Abbey Bridal in Sydney

Hair style
I really wanted an updo as it was the middle of summer in Spain and I was in a big heavy dress, the last thing I needed was my hair sticking to the back of my neck and making me hotter. I never wear my hair up so the style was a tough decision, I finally went for a low side bun with added bling.

I knew I was going to be wearing a necklace the moment I chose my dress, I didn't want anything to detract from the beautiful detail going down the side strap on the front of my dress. So I decided to go with some earring which I found at Abbey Bridal that had a very similar style to the dress.

Make up

My beautiful bridesmaids are wearing Two Birds dresses. These dresses were fabulous. I wanted to give the ladies some freedom to style them all different ways and these dresses allow for just that.

Father - Daughter

Iglesia San Antonio de Padua

 The Groomsmen

Our guests got transported from place to place on two people mover trains, fun!

Groomsmen having fun

Mother & Father of the Bride

Always nice to have a memory of the yummy food served.  

The prep and other things... (my snaps)

This was at the top of our wedding invitations; my family coat of arms in our wedding theme colours and our first initials. It ended up being on our programs for the ceremony, weekend programs, parking passes and other things that went out to the guests.

Since most of our guests were out of towners, we decided to have Welcome Bags waiting for them at their hotels when they checked in. The bag contained the weekend program, white thongs (we had a white-themed welcome party the night before the wedding), sun screen, some Aussie souvenirs, some Spanish souvenirs and parking passes.

As a wedding favour for our guests I thought that pashminas would be a lovely idea for the ladies, I ordered them in bulk in lots of different colours and had these buckets of them sitting at the entrance of the reception. My Maid of Honour's mother put her amazing sewing skills (and machine) to work on embroidering about 100 of them. They were rolled and tied together with personalised wedding ribbon. 
What did the men get as a wedding favour? Well after long consideration I realised that the chances of them men even caring about a favour was slim so they didn't get a gift just for them. However, each guest was told they could keep their name plate (told them where they were seated) which was a small silver frame that can be seen above in the photo of the table decorations.

We took this photo the day of the wedding with the wedding party and had cards made with this photo on the front, which were our thank you cards to all our guests :)

If you want to read more about our wedding (in Spanish) check out this blog.

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