Products I love


I am just loving these cloud hangers from Down to the Woods. They don't need to be hidden away in closet, quite the opposite - let them be seen! Great to drape jewellery over or pick out your child's outfit for the day and hang it on a hook in their room.
I love the different colours and two different sizes they come in as well. Definitely a product I love.

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I'm seriously loving these Utopia Goods napkins ($16.95) at the moment. I just love the pop of colour for the dinner table. Great dinning accessory for summer. 


1. Alphabet Tidbit Plate, $6.50 (USD); Pottery Barn 2. Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set, $19; Ezibuy 
3. Wooden Utensil Set, $19; Ezibuy 4. Glass Dispenser, $69.99; Ezibuy 
5. Diagonal Mug, $3.95; Freedom

For Her
1. OBags, $37.95-$79.95; Alfresco Emporium 2. Melinda Vase, $59.99; Ezibuy 3. Hummingbird Doormat, $34.99; Ezibuy 4. Cast Metal Jewellery Tree, $34; West Elm 

Kids & Baby
1. Armadillo & Co Rug, $295; Southwood Home 2. Uimi Cot Blanket, $165; Southwood Home 
3-4. Taltrade Books, $17 ;Southwood Home 5. Cubebot, $17.99; Ezibuy

1. Eco Friendly Safari Cushion, $58; Audrey&Me 2. Hanging Glass Planter, $29.99; Ezibuy 
3. Nova Hurricane, $49.99; Ezibuy 4. Nova Hurricane, $59.99; Ezibuy 

1. Olive Wood Paddle Board, $24-49; West Elm 2. Kaleido Teapot in Porcelain Jade, $19.95; Freedom 3. Kaleido Mug in Porcelain Jade, $3.95; Freedom 4. Oven Mitt and Tea Towel Set, $24.99; Ezibuy 
5. Cheese Markers, $19.99; Ezibuy

1. Solar Charger Station, $59.99; Ezibuy 2. Christmas Sack, $19.99; Ezibuy 
3. Christmas Stocking, $24.99; Ezibuy 4. Saddle Leather Tablet Case, $69.50 (USD); Pottery Barn

1. Mustache Markers, $12.99; Ezibuy 2. Moon in my Room, $59.99; Ezibuy 
3. Storage Ottoman, $138; Audrey&Me 4. Armadillo & Co Rug, $295; Southwood Home
5. Yardstick Storer, $41; illie

For Him
1. Messenger Bag, $79.99; Ezibuy 2. Scrabble Magnets, $19.99; Ezibuy 
3. Personalised Cufflinks, $49.99; Ezibuy 4. Toiletries Bag, $34.99; Ezibuy 
5. Tic Tac Toe Game, $24.50 (USD); Pottery Barn 6. Hotel Cocktail Shaker, $29 (USD); Pottery Barn

I absolutely adore products from Modern Twist, especially their kids & baby products. Not only are their products built to last, but they are gorgeous too :) They have great drawing boards for kids which just wipe clean and double as a place mat - I LOVE it!


Everyone loves being organised, here to help is buttoned up. They have great tips and useful resources for all occasions. Do you love free printables as much as I do?! Check out their free tools. From Holiday Budget Forms (necessary at the moment), New Baby Shopping List, to things for your Kids & School.
I also LOVE their personalised products, choose whatever cover you would like and then personalise it with photos or text. They have a big range of different organisational tools, journals, homework books, etc.

I LOVE the storage ottomans from audrey&me. They make great toy storage boxes for children, side tables with throw storage in your living room, or the big ones for extra blankets at the foot of your bed. Best thing about all of them? You can use them all as extra seating and they are super comfortable. I use mine as a foot rest in front of my nursing chair in my daughter's room. It has three functions: 1. To rest mama's tired feet when she sits in her chair, 2. Extra seating for when daddy or others are visiting, 3. Toy storage, home to lots of stuffed animals.

I also LOVE their eco friendly cushion range, which you can get to match your other audrey&me items. I have one on my desk chair which you can in my 'desk space' - see here.

Mocka has a great range of products but I LOVE their teepees. They come in a great range of colours so you are bound to find one you love too.


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